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red_daughter ([personal profile] red_daughter) wrote2011-06-23 12:02 am

It's far too late for iced coffee

Well, I suppose I had the coffee a few hours ago, but that doesn't change the fact that I am awake and unable to sleep. And redundant. It's a wonderful feeling I'll have you all know.

You see, when I get tired the crazies come out. No not the ones that meander up and down my street at night picking the cans out of my recycling bins. More of the insanely unfocused ramblings. It's intensified when I have company. It's then that my introvertedness goes away and I become this giggly, emotional mess. And really honest -- boy does that get awkward D:

I really shouldn't have figured out the pronounciation of ennui, because now I think of that word way too much and how I'm in a perpetual state of it when I have nothing going on (uh, duh?).

Yeah. Rambling. Alligator.

WTAF. Alligators? I think I'm crying a little on the inside. I'm also very grateful that the iPad is correcting my atrocious spelling. Really, typing on a large touch screen is perhaps more difficult than learning to type on the smaller iPhone/iTouch was. And my hand cramps more easily. It would be utterly ridiculous if you could see all the mistakes I'm making. It took me five tries to spell mistakes correctly. I'm failing at this you guys, me and technology ares just not working. At all. It'll hurt me eventually, brain me or something.