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As I prepare for the next great stage in my life WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, OF COURSE IT'S NOT COLLEGE I realize that I am down to a month and most of a week.

What is this? Yeah, I'm kind of at the point of screaming. It's so close but so far away, yanno? Parents have been suffering through pointless rants of pointlessness that go around in circles and are pretty much a rehashing of anything I've ever said and or worried about ever. These rants are the first rants I've shared with the parents so they don't get to complain (neener neener). RL friends are being oddly hard to get in touch with, I'm thinking they have a sixth sense or something, which doesn't add up because I don't get like this. I'M THE REASONABLE ONE. Usually. This is probably why I've come to LJ with this instead of lurking as is my MO...

But here's things that need to be done in this month+week before I shuffle off to higher education.
  • Store all my files for my new laptop. Sorry, Monster, I loved you while you worked, but I can't be shackled to my router via ethernet cable, it just doesn't work that way.
  • Meet my roommate I find out who my roommate will be sometime next week. Which leads to...
  • Re-learn how to interact with people I've never met before It's hard, I know
  • Figure out exactly what I'll be taking with me to school I'm not much of a things person, but I feel the pressure to decorate my nook of the dorm with intensely personal things like interests besides fandom. I'M NOT SURE IF STUFF LIKE THIS EXISTS D: 
  • There's more I just can't think of it.
  • Oh yeah. I don't think I'll ever get through all the stuff at [ profile] ae_matchThere's so much being posted every time I f5 What kind of people are you, people-who-can-write? And don't lie, this is completely related to college
And I'm spent.